Press Clips, Day 8, Evening Edition: NYT Flack Fires Shots in WSJ Biz News Attack


Two Press Clips in one day? Don’t call it a comeback. To cap off the day, the New York Times is firing shots at the Wall Street Journal; Newsweek is bleeding staffers everywhere, still; and…I mean, does anything else matter today besides the latest shots in the NYT/WSJ Newspaper Wars? Wgat do you even say to this?

SHOTS FIRED! NYT-WSJ Flack Attack-Style: The spokesman of the New York Times, Robert “Bob” Christie — who used to be a publicist for the Wall Street Journal, mind you — just fired this off on Twitter:

Woah there, Bob Christie. Woah there. New York Times staffers are weighing on Twitter. NYT food critic Sam Sifton notes that “In a newspaper war, there is going to be shooting.” NYT Critical Shopper and culture writer Jon Caramanica warns Sifton not to get involved, invoking Suge Knight’s ominous threat to East Coast rappers that would precede the deaths of feuding rappers Biggie and Tupac. Of course, if NYT Executive Editor Bill Keller and WSJ Executive Editor Robert Thompson ever came to blows, uh…nobody would really stop them and it wouldn’t be that exciting. Actually, no, it kind of would be. Kind of. Anyway, Christie was referencing the New York Times poaching star business reporter Susanne Craig of the Wall Street Journal. Columbia Journalism Review — who also first reported Craig’s move — takes stock of how hard the Wall Street Journal‘s business section has been hit since Rupert Murdoch took over the paper and started hammering away at their new Greater New York section. But seriously, Bob “Brass Knucks” Christie: that’s some smashed-bottleneck type beefing. Word.

TransAtlanticism: The Atlantic is now on Tumblr. Not that their bloggers don’t already post 78 times a day or anything.

Let Rick Sanchez Be Rick Sanchez: Just because one of CNN’s most visible anchors is also one of their most viably insipid and most-failing doesn’t mean we should be mean to him. Until he gives the public things like calling President Obama a “cotton-picking” president. Which he does practically daily. Campbell Brown should never want for a sense of honor, dignity, or pride from here on out.

NYTPicking Over Dead Bros: Jezebel re-published anonymous angry New York Times obsessives The NYTPicker’s latest post, about the NYT Obits section preferring more men than women. This doesn’t need to be contextualized in any way, because the three levels of ridiculous evident here at face-value are painfully so.

We Care A Not: Does anyone care about nobody caring about somebody breaking an embargo at the Washington Post? TBD News dares to find out!

Hyperlocal? More Like Hyper-NOcal: People are just finding out “hyperlocal” reporting is difficult and costly. This is a stunning development, considering most people just decided what “hyperlocal” actually means.

The Kids Will Eventually Title This Intro To A Piece On Kids Blogging With An Allusion To “The Kids Are Alright,” Alright?: This ran over the weekend, but it’s worth noting to someone somewhere that Tweens are blogging, taking after their blogger parents. Alternately, “Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Bloggers.” Also, Hamilton nailed it.

We’re outta here! Have a good night, please try not to fire anything at anyone before tomorrow morning, Bob Christie. We obviously wanna be there when it happens. Until then, this one goes out to you, Blood: