State Comptroller Will Audit MTA for Fradulent Overtime Payments


The MTA is a bit of a mess lately with upcoming fare hikes, the Second Avenue subway hell-hole, people falling onto the tracks all the time, and, possibly, employees giving themselves overtime for no better reason than “It’s Monday!” Now the transit company is really under a microscope: The state comptroller is stepping in to conduct a “forensic audit,” wading through the Transit Authority, hunting for fraud.

Since 2007, the comptroller’s office has written almost two dozen reports on MTA spending, but this one is expected to be the most in-depth review.

“We had concerns about some of the issues,” State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli told NY1. “For instance, we had a situation where someone, in effect, seemed to give themselves the overtime, without real prior approval or review. That begged the question about whether or not there was something fraudulent going on. Issues relating to how pensions are calculated, when you have such a large number of employees in some cases doubling their salaries.”

DiNapoli’s office recently found that MTA overtime increased 26 percent to $600 million over four years. The problem is no secret to the MTA, which is aware that employees have abused their time on the clock.

“There is a relatively new leadership there. They said they’re going to do a top-to-bottom review of operations. We want to be sure that overtime is a key part of what they are reviewing,” said the comptroller. Depending on the findings, evidence of pay manipulation could be released to prosecutors. Dun, dun, dunnn…

via the Daily News and NY1