Your Single-Serving Website of the Day: There’s a Startup For That


Single-serving sites, done correctly, are the dim sum of the internet: the really good ones are hard to find and often look like all the others, but when done correctly, and priceless and wonderful treats. I guess? Anyway, here’s the latest, which will assauge your fears that something you don’t need at all in your life has been covered by a tech startup, which are seemingly proliferating — particularly on the East Coast, lately — like children from Octomom’s birth canal.




It’s the advent of these two guys — who seem to be of the “startup culture” themselves — and it just keeps on giving. Among other funnies, one of the jokes here is that many startups are being — or at least, can be — distilled into the “Spielberg Pitch” of “x meets y.” Also, many of the startups rising every day are just patently ridiculous. Also, some of these ideas, absurd as they are, are better than many actual startups. Of course, that shouldn’t discourage anyone from innovating, or trying to. But maybe it’ll encourage awareness of just how absurd some working ideas of startups actually are, or the very least, sound.


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