Boozing Makes You Live Longer, According to Study; Can a Cocktail Be Copyrighted?


A new report reveals that people who abstain from drinking alcohol tend to have higher mortality rates than heavy drinkers.

New York City is experiencing a golden age for wine bars, with 237 of them spread across the city’s five boroughs, 69 of which opened last year.
[Wall Street Journal]

Pegu Club celebrated its fifth anniversary this weekend with an “All Stars” menu of cocktails made by alums like Phil Ward and St. John Frizell.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

In this era of salmonella-tainted eggs, should we be rethinking cocktails made with raw egg whites?
[Washington Post]

Citadelle Reserve Gin, an aged gin, might just qualify as Old Tom gin, making it one of just three Old Toms available on the market.
[Huffington Post]

Meanwhile, why don’t more people drink gin straight? If you like your coffee black, you might be the kind of person who enjoys drinking gin by itself.
[Atlantic Food]

Can a cocktail be copyrighted? Not at the moment, but molecular mixologist Eben Freeman would like the answer to be yes someday.
[Atlantic Food]

Albert Trummer appeared in court on charges of reckless endangerment (i.e., setting his bar on fire), claiming that there are no laws against flambé cocktails.
[NY Post]

Most of Bordeaux is filled with luxury wines sold as investments, but a handful of vignerons in the major appellations are making terroir wines with character.
[NY Times]

Japanese whiskey has won a number of prestigious awards, but it’s actually quite difficult to find in Japanese bars.
[NY Times]