Deceased Brooklyn Plumber Hid Bone Fragments and 9/11 Dust in His Van


Gary Louisa, a volunteer who helped search for bodies after the Twin Towers collapsed, left behind an odd collection of momentos from Ground Zero after he died last year at 51. His ex-girlfriend, Rosa Cerrato, recently cleaned out the deceased plumber’s van and found dust from the towers, a steel beam fragment, and bone fragments organized in Ziplock bags under the driver’s seat of the broken-down Ford, which has been parked outside her home for seven years (seven years!), according to the Daily News.

Louisa believed he contracted cancer as a side-effect from his work at Ground Zero, according to Cerrato, whom he warned about bags in his van two months before he died in February of 2009.

“He said if you go in the truck, be careful. ‘Don’t breathe in,'” Cerrato told the Daily News. “He didn’t want anyone to be exposed. He said he had a bag of dust from the World Trade Center. He thought it contaminated the whole truck.”

The city’s medical examiner found that the bones are not human, but more tests are being run on the dust.