Faith Kramer, Health Teacher Who Let Kids Say “Furburger,” Settles With City for $45,000


The 26-year-tenured Staten Island health teacher who allowed students to use slang sexual terms when she taught a lesson about AIDS filed a $1 million suit against the city for wrongfully suspending her, and has now agreed to settle the case for $45,000 — an amount comparable to a first-year teacher’s annual salary in New York.

Kramer spent eight months in a rubber room on suspension from the Rocco Laurie Intermediate School before a federal judge ruled she did nothing wrong. Apparently, she made sex-ed interesting enough that kids ran home and told their parents (the whistle-blowers — no, that’s not a sexual term) about words like “furburger” and “schmeckle.”

The terms aren’t very PC, but they’re legal, according to the federal judge’s decision. “If the Board of Education wants its teachers to instruct adolescents about HIV using Latinism of the academy, excluding vulgarism of the street, it should tell them so, plainly,” wrote Judge Jack Weinstein.

Clearly, this lady had a shot at taking this case all the way to the bank, but the city could definitely do better things with $1 million bucks — like, for instance, improving schools.