Google’s Priority Inbox: The Latest in the Parade of Gmail Offerings


Ever have the experience of your inbox being so full that you miss e-mails announcing that you got that job you really wanted or that your friend’s pregnant? Thankfully, we haven’t either — but Google is nonetheless making sure these and similar instances never occur with their latest invention, Priority Inbox.

This new service comes on the heels of last week’s announcement of Google Voice’s Gmail integration. Priority Inbox sorts mail the same way Gmail automatically filters some items into spam, except that it recognizes that some mail is important but not as important as other mail based on what you read and respond to — kind of like Tivo for email. The stuff that you respond to most goes right to the top of your inbox. That way, you can address what’s most important and save the rest for later. Genius, right? Right. Assuming you have priorities.

Still, the cartoon for the new service is pretty cute, if you’re not too busy checking your email to watch it.