Morning Links: Caroline Giuliani Has Her Day in Court; Tiger Woods Moves in Downtown, Maybe


• Caroline Giuliani is expected to make a plea today in court for the alleged shoplifting of more than $100 of beauty products from an Upper East Side Sephora on August 4. She may end up getting a day of community service. [DNAInfo]

• Hurricane Earl, now a Category 4 storm, is expected to touch the East Coast late Thursday before heading back out to sea. Labor Day weekend saved? [NPR]

• Two suspected terrorists were removed from a flight from Chicago to the Netherlands upon arrival yesterday and charged with preparation of a terrorist attack. They may have been conducting a dry run with mock bombs — or it could all be some kind of misunderstanding. [NYP, NYT]

• Drilling to reach the miners trapped in Chile has begun. [CNN]

• Tiger Woods has moved to downtown New York. Or has he? [Us, Gothamist]

• Facebook was down this morning, dashing the hoped-for status updates of who knows how many. [Mashable]

• The MTA is ordering 340 new subway cars with surveillance camera technology built in. [NYP]

• Bedbugs are awfully mysterious. [NYT]