Rudy Giuliani’s Shoplifting Progeny Gets One Day of Community Service


As expected, Caroline Giuliani was given one day of community service — on “the bucket brigade” at the Department of Sanitation — for her Sephora shoplifting excursion on August 4.

According to the Daily News, she spent a mere two minutes in front of a judge this morning and was told the case against her would be dismissed. However, this is apparently not any kind of favorable treatment: Assistant District Attorney Annie Siegel said the deal “was standard under her office’s guidelines for petty theft.”

As long as she fulfills her end of the bargain – staying on the straight and narrow for six months and completing a single day of community service, Giuliani’s record will be scrubbed clean, the judge said.

The News also reports that among the $100.50 worth of beauty products Caroline stole was “a hair net.” Hey, we get the Dior skin primer and Bliss moisturizer, but really, a hair net? That’s obviously a cry for help. And yet, ironically, may come in handy during that community service stint…

Caroline heads back to Harvard tomorrow and is due back in court on November 4, at which point she is to have completed her sentence.

[Via Daily News]