Sad Things for Lonely People: Resort for Men With Virtual Girlfriends


It’s always good to get away for a much-needed vacay with your honey, even when your honey is not actually a real, live, human person, right? No judgments! At least, not at Atami, a Japanese hot-springs resort themed on Konami’s Nintendo DS dating simulation game Love Plus, which also comes as an augmented-reality app for iPhones.

The object of the game, apparently, is to woo and “nurture a relationship” with one of three high school girls — taking them on a beach trip clearly helps the cause, regardless of what their parents say. Plus, no pesky legal ramifications!

Per CNet,

More than 2,000 visitors have taken part in events related to Atami’s lovefest, according to reports, with some traveling from as far as South Korea and Taiwan, locals say. The young bucks did things fairly typical of suitors — gaze into their girlfriends’ eyes during long sunset walks on the beach, admire their pixilated bikinis, and touch their virtual cheeks with a stylus.

The players visited various romantic locations at the resort for photo ops with their digital ladies. Some of the men reportedly used the experience as practice for getting real girlfriends! How…sweet. At least the goal of the game is to build a relationship and not just bag a chick, even if there is something of a creep factor involved.

Now, where’s the resort for the dudes with pillow girlfriends? ‘Cause there is nothing wrong with that, okay?