The Best of the Lamentably Short-Lived #literarychillwave Hashtag



Credit our friend, Stereogum’s Brandon Stosuy, with starting this particular hashtag yesterday. Mashing up the world’s most important genre with the world’s most important literature seemed like an idea with legs, but alas, things done on the internet toward the end of the day on the one of the two or three slowest weeks of the year are more likely to die than prosper, and so it was with #literarychillwave–an idea with much potential, and little follow through. Perhaps we can revive it today? Because, I mean, look at these:

Probably the least chillwave author ever, come to think of it.

Well, short of Faulkner.

Seriously, it’s weird that chillwave makes people think of Faulkner.

If only he was though!

In twenty years, this will be the title of Larry Fitzmaurice’s memoirs.

Anything combining David Eggers and chillwave is probably kind of redundant.

Samuel Beckett surely would have agreed. Now, more please! Like you have anything better to do today…