The Oval Office Gets a New York-Makeover


Somehow, the Oval Office getting a “makeover” — i.e. fixing all the things they haven’t had time to fix — is news. What’s new? New York in the house.

The furniture, the rug, the wallpaper, the lamps, couches, coffee table, armchairs, and desk chair. But note how well Empire gets repped, via The Chicago Tribune:

    • Oval Office walls were covered with handmade striped wallpaper produced in Amagansett, N.Y. The trim around the Office was re-painted with American-made Benjamin Moore paint custom-mixed by Donald Kaufman Color.


    • Desk Chair: The President’s brown leather desk chair was produced in New York.


    • Coffee Table: The coffee table is made out of American walnut and mica by a New York company.


    • Couches: The couches in the Oval Office were custom-made in New York. The fabric, a custom-made light brown cotton with red, white and blue threads running through it, was woven in Pennsylvania.


  • Lamps: The two new table lamps have blue ceramic bases and were produced in New York.

Other states represented were Pennsylvani (as mentioned above; they got to weave our couches) and Michigan (where the rug, which is 25% recycled wool, came from). But the majority of the Oval Office’s new decor comes, naturally, from New York, because we have awesome things. It’s not exactly ABC Carpet & Home-level awesomeness, but still, New York’s furniture just got a “big ups” today from the Oval Office. That is all.

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