Whole Foods Turns 30; Calorie Counts to Hit Planes, Trains, and Movie Theaters


Whole Foods turns 30 on September 20 and is rolling out several new initiatives: a welfare rating system that tells customers how meat animals were raised, a transparency program for seafood, and Wellness Clubs.
[USA Today]

Many portions at fast-food chain restaurants are at least two times bigger than the government’s definition of what a serving should be.
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Remains of a burial feast at a site in the Galilee dating back 12,000 years suggest that people have been bringing food to funerals for millennia.

The latest tainted-beef recall was initiated much more quickly than usual, as the cutting-edge infrared spectroscopy test used to find E. coli bacteria only took an hour.

The FDA says that calorie counts will not only be posted in chain restaurants, but also in airlines, trains, grocery-store food courts, movie theaters, and convenience stores.
[Wall Street Journal]

Black rice may be the latest superfood craze, as it has more anthocyanin antioxidants, more vitamin E antioxidants, less sugar, and more fiber than blueberries, according to a study.
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The Park Slope Chip Shop in Brooklyn, run by a British couple, promises to deep-fry anything for you — from cheeseburgers to cheesecake.
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The USDA says that farmers’ markets have grown some 16 percent since 2009, with more than 850 having opened this year.
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