Babies: They May Be Catching (But Not in the Way You’d Think)


Alert: Babies are contagious, especially if you work with people who have babies. And we don’t mean germy, although that’s definitely true. Hey, at least you can take Theraflu for that. But if you “catch a baby” (and that’s not what we mean) from a coworker, you’re going to be stuck with that thing for a good 20 or more years! Take proper cautions. We recommend Purell.

According to a new study from Sweden, women were more likely to have babies if their co-workers had recently had babies. This is not, apparently, because women who want to have babies all work together, but because your coworkers have quite an influence on you. Apparently, even their relatives can influence you.

Even more frighteningly,

Being exposed to co-workers’ childbearing increases the probability of own childbearing during the following 13-24 months to the same extent as lowering childcare costs [by $10,000]…

Of course, this is also to some extent dependent on age and situation of said coworkers, and seemed to be a female-focused trend. Even so, don’t go getting any ideas, Foster.

If you must give your coworker a baby, may we suggest the creepy marzipan kind?

You’re welcome.

[via New York Times]