Brandon Spikes Video: Illegal Use of Hands?


Well, now that the agent for New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes has come clean (so to speak) that it is his client in the infamous sex video – you can watch it here for yourself — only one major question remains: How will the NFL react?

Well, actually, make that two major questions: the first is whether or not, legally, the NFL will react at all since Spikes made the chatroulette video while he was still playing for the Florida Gators. The second question is: if they do react, can the punishment be more severe than the slap on the wrist given to Ben Roethlisberger for assaulting a woman in the bathroom of a Georgia nightclub?

(Big Ben’s meets with NFL officials Friday to see if he’s properly rehabilitated; insiders are guessing that his suspension will only be four games.)

An interesting conjecture comes from blogger Zenophon Abraham, a/k/a Zennie62, of the San Francisco Chronicle‘s web site, who asks:

Would there be such a reaction if the woman in the video with Spikes wasn’t white?

Actually, we have a third question: Will Brandon Spikes be invited by former Gator teammate Tim Tebow to a meting of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes?