Burger King Is Up for Sale — Now, Let’s Look Back at the Year in BK Publicity Stunt Whoppers


Burger King, the No. 2 burger chain in America, is in talks with private equity firms over a possible sale, according to The Wall Street Journal. Is the fast-food giant in trouble or is this just business as usual? (The chain has gone from private to public and back more than once since its inception.) A look back at some of this past year’s BK publicity campaigns suggests a somewhat desperate struggle to keep up with its main rival, the Golden Arches, whose share price has risen 20 percent in the last two years, while BK’s has dropped 35 percent in the same period.

And so, let’s reminisce …

First, there was the King’s attempt at Carl’s Jr.-style burger porn, which went rather formidably bust.

Then, it announced a revamp of its stores’ concept, complete with red-flame chandeliers, touch-screen menus, and lots of shiny corrugated metal and brick walls.

Soon after, it got on the brunch bandwagon with menu items like a Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich and even a nonalcoholic mimosa.

It also managed to piss off the mental health community with its “crazy” Burger King Steakhouse XT ads.

In the face of the value-menu wars, it opted to buck the trend and launch $9 barbecued ribs (which weren’t half bad, actually).

Most recently, it’s made headlines with its BK Whopper Bar, which serves up such inane gimmicks as the shareable Pizza Burger.

Did we miss one of the BK’s best antics? Feel free to share your favorite.