Deer Prefers Beer (Video)


While we wait for more information on the Discovery Channel gunman situation…um…there’s this: There is a deer in China that, apparently, likes to drink beer. Which is slightly less horrifying than a baby in Indonesia who smokes a pack or 10 a day — maybe?

Like many a human, the deer developed a taste for booze after it was pushed on her by a pushy “playful” waitress, and now she barely even drinks any water. Because, what with all that beer, water probably tastes kind of yucky. We, too, have experienced that phenomenon.

Most shocking of all? The deer will drink wine in a pinch, when beer’s not available — which is totally the reverse of how we roll, but to each his own. Given recent reports that hard drinkers live longer, we wonder if maybe this deer is simply extending the trend to the animal kingdom. No word on how she feels about tequila shots.

But! This is not even an isolated incident. Here are more deers who like beer. Especially Corona, with a fresh wedge of lime. Party on.