Even Michael Bloomberg Showed Up for Eataly’s Opening


It’s all Eataly all the time this week. Yesterday, we showed you the line of people waiting to get into Mario Batali’s new mega Italian market and food court, and it turns out that everyone and their mother really was there. Michael Bloomberg made an appearance and ate some pizza, as he is wont to do.

The mayor attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony, praising the 300 new jobs created by Eataly, and using the opening as a platform to talk up his New Business Acceleration Team, which is meant to help entrepreneurs open restaurants and bars more quickly than the usual excruciating wait for various permits and permissions would allow.

NY1 quotes the mayor as boasting, “We estimate that the work they did expediting city inspections and approvals cut 15 weeks off the time Eataly needed to open its doors.”

Meanwhile, it appears that being mayor means never having to wipe your own face.

[Photo via Gawker]