Foursquare, MTV, & STDs — When Too Much Information Might Not Be Enough


Foursquare, the application that allows people to broadcast their location to others, is offering a digital “badge” for checking in at STD-testing clinics. The promotion is part of MTV’s “GYT: Get Yourself Tested” campaign to take away some of the embarrassment of doing just that. The only problem (and it’s a biggie) is that the STD results aren’t posted anywhere once the visit is announced — not that they should be, but should they?

Guys, say you’re interested in a girl (or guy, for that matter), and she just announced via Foursquare that she got tested. If she stays mum about it, do you still date her? Do you do an investigation of your own (ew, pig)? Sometimes it’s just not sexy to know when someone was tested for STDs — unless there is official confirmation that that person isn’t spreading funk.

A highly non-scientific way of deciding whether or not to jump in bed with someone who’s broadcast their testing is to page through their other badges and check-ins. Reconsider your physical attraction if that person is the mayor of a strip club, has the “crunked” badge for hitting up several bars in a short period of time (not necessarily bad unless the STD test check-in follows shortly thereafter), or has been to Marquis more than once in the past year.

Another thing to consider: If Foursquare wants to increase the frequency of “chance” encounters, should those spontaneous meetings really take place while you’re waiting to hear why it burns when you pee? We’re starting to think the whole point of this campaign is just plain, old-fashioned abstinence.

via Daily Intel