Judge Tells Mortician Her Boss Isn’t a Chauvinist, She’s Just Lazy


Racial profiling, gender discrimination, undeserved hatred — these are all bad when they’re true, but they’re also bad when fabricated or blown out of proportion, as in the case of mortician Dawn Mazzone-Trani.

Mazzone-Trani said that she was discriminated against in her workplace, Donohue Cecere Funeral Home in Westbury, NY, after a male colleague was promoted instead of her. For the record, he had a bachelor’s degree in funeral service and she had an associate’s degree in applied science.

According to the Daily News, these are her claims.

…a supervisor told her that people don’t take overweight women seriously and recommended she go on a diet.

The supervisor also told her to work faster in the embalming room, complaining she paid too much attention to detail and the that the appearance of the corpses was not that important, according to court papers.

Mazzone-Trani was also instructed to dress in somber black, gray, or charcoal hues, instead of white or light gray outfits.

But, Federal Judge Joanna Seybert (also a female), ruled bullllllshit. The judge said it was Mazzone-Trani’s job performance, not her gender, that spawned the criticism, and that her argument was not “pervasive” or “severe” enough to substantiate her “hostile work environment” claim.

Well, if a funeral home — the chillest place ever, by necessity — is a hostile work environment, the rest of us are screwed!