News Riddle: How Many Floors Did Thomas Magill Fall Before He Landed on the Dodge Charger?


No one can definitively answer this question! Yesterday, the Daily News reported that Thomas Magill fell seven stories and lived — quite an impressive feat. Today, however, the Daily News updated the story, reporting that the man fell 39 stories — holy shit, that’s a big difference. The URL is true to the original headline: …man_plunges_seven_stories_crashes… So, which is it? Should be an easy question to answer, right? Wrong.

The Daily News reported this today (changing from yesterday’s “seven” floor story):

Police sources said investigators believe he jumped from a 39th-floor window or balcony at 10:45 a.m. He landed in the car’s backseat and trunk area, twisted like a pretzel.

The Post had this to say:

A suicidal man jumped to a seemingly certain death from a 40-story Upper West Side rooftop yesterday — but miraculously survived when he landed on a sports car, police said.

And DNAInfo reported this:

A police deputy on the scene said Magill jumped from the top of the 39-story building. However, the FDNY said it was from somewhere between five and seven stories.

So Runnin’ Scared set out to clarify:
A FDNY representative told us that the investigation is being conducted by the police and that the fire department does not have that information.

…which led us to DCPI, the NYPD’s public information machine
An officer said that police have not determined which floor the man fell from.

So, we reached out to the building’s leasing and management offices, and called a witness listed in the Daily News — no comment and no answer.

Until the investigation is complete, it may be that the only one who really knows how far Thomas Magill fell is Thomas Magill.