Since 1993, German electronic deconstructionist Markus Popp (a/k/a Oval) has been partially responsible for all sorts of mind-rattling, fluttery nonsense—give him partial credit for inspiring the sputtering freakouts of glitch music, the ch-ch-chopped up rattles underneath Björk and Radiohead songs. The music on his 1995 breakthrough 94diskont sounds no less gorgeous and visionary today, especially since his oft-utilized sound of skipping CDs is starting to feel downright nostalgic. His new album O, is a 70-track, near-two-hour opus that deals in a more earthly sproingle and scrape. Its little song suites are more disorienting than transcendent, sounding like guitars, dulcimers, and prepared harps dragged through a digital haunted house. This time out, he used the simplest of tools—a PC with stock sounds and plug-ins—and still managed to create a fussy, impossibly detailed monster, pretty much a testament to OCD. Tonight, he infects the excellent sound system at ISSUE Project Room for two sets.

Thu., Sept. 9, 8 & 10 p.m., 2010