The circus left town a while ago, but two festivals beginning today deconstruct the spectacle by dedicating themselves to one aspect alone: jesters at the New York Clown Theatre Festival and one-wheelers at the New York City Unicycle Festival. The former, the Brick’s fourth annual go-round of clown performance, kicks off today with a parade from Union Square to Williamsburg via the L train, culminating in a pie fight at the theater. Seventeen main-stage shows include Manchego: The Birth of Cheese and Morro and Jasp do Puberty, both of which open tomorrow. Plus, there’s a cabaret of international clowns over 50! The festival wraps up on September 26 with a weepy clown funeral. Meanwhile, circus family the Bindlestiffs host the weekend-long Unicycle Festival, which includes a long-distance ride over the Brooklyn Bridge and to Coney Island (today), a day on Governors Island (Saturday), and a visit to Grant’s Tomb (Sunday).

Sept. 3-26, 2010