In any of John Waters’s films, there’s a pervasive tension that cuts through all the camp: What will happen next? Black-market baby smuggling? A trailer-trash drag queen’s birthday party? Not surprisingly, the King of Filth’s new memoir, Role Models, is just as unpredictable: He reveals his own inner workings not through a lengthy exploration of his artistic process, but through profiles of people he admires, which range from the sensible (Tennessee
Williams, Little Richard, and Johnny Mathis) to the more characteristically off-kilter (lesbian stripper Lady Zorro and Leslie Van Houten of the Manson gang). Waters will discuss the book with L.A. Times reviewer Carolyn Kellogg as part of the Brooklyn Book Festival’s expanded “Bookend” series, giving you a chance to personally dissect one of the most bizarre and creative minds working in film today.

Fri., Sept. 10, 8 p.m., 2010