This Week in the Voice: New York’s Gossip Loses Its Grip


In the history of contemporary gossip, New York City’s reputation for having the sharpest, most steely-nerved power players breaking news nobody else would — or could — touch was unprecedented. But something’s happened over the last few years where New York’s most powerful characters — and the powerful gossips of Gotham who covered them — have faded from the limelight. Is it as simple as blaming it on the Internet, or are there some juicier bits behind it? This week’s Village Voice cover story takes on New York’s Tower of Babble, and the fade of Gotham’s Golden Era of Gossip.

Elsewhere this week in News:

  • The Voice‘s own gossip columnist Michael Musto gets some good quote from Broadway fanatic Seth Rudetsky on how Mamma Mia‘s ruining Broadway. Brain cells, too. Also, Abba.

This week in Music, we hear people singing. They’re singing songs:

  • Interpol, Phoenix, Pavement, Jay-Z, and Eminem? It’s Fall concert season. Mikael Wood has you covered in our Fall Guide for Music, which also finds us shopping with Karen O’s stylist, Christiane Joy Hultquist. “Fall” and “Fashionable” both begin with the letter “F.” You should know this.
  • Shock-blonde Swedish pop star Robyn is a critical darling (for a pop star) everywhere else. And here? She’s a critical darling (for a rapper — kind of). Rich Juzwiak drops the beat on her latest, Body Talk Pt. 2.
  • “Beep boop bop wop womp beep.” Techno music! It’s amazing. And it’s evolving, if Matthew Dear and Shed have anything to say — and emote — about it. Piotr Orlov explains.
  • Jazz pianist Vijay Iyer has had one hell of a year, which he’s capping off with a few gigs around New York. He talks abut his latest, Solo, with K. Leander Williams.

In Food, we’re cooking up the juicy bits:

  • If you can make it here — “it” being “pizza” — you can probably make it anywhere, given the ever-expanding number of places to get a slice in the city. Voice food critic Sarah DiGregorio finds two more, Olio Pizza e Piu and Campo de’ Fiori to see if they make the cut. Or cutter.
  • Meanwhile, Voice food critic Robert Sietsema is off to find Rome in Long Island City, as a Testaccio — billing itself as a modern trattoria — is finally open for business after presumably more than a day of construction. Does Robert eat it up, or burn it down?
  • Finally, for our Fall Guide for Food, Sietsema gets woodsy within the confines of the city: Who’s serving the best wood-fired food in New York? You know who’d know? Robert. Robert “wood” know.
  • In Film, we’re not just getting gossipy, but greedy, too:

    All that, plus more Music, Art, Theater, Film, Books, Dance, Restaurants, Michael Musto, Free Will Astrology, and Dan Savage. And then some.

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