Underground Lobster Pound Is Kaput Until It Goes ‘Legit’


A week after news spread that Greenpoint’s Underground Lobster Pound had been shut down by the DOH and its proprietor, Ben Sargent — a/k/a Dr. Claw — threatened with jail time, it appears that the lobster-roll moratorium may be in effect for the foreseeable future.

Sargent, who ran the operation out of his apartment for several months, earned plenty of favorable media coverage for his efforts, which included sort of crashing a lobster-roll party earlier this summer. Given his flair for theatrics, one could reasonably assume the DOH run-in was just an elaborate hoax. But according to an email Sargent sent us, it’s not:

“Looks like will have to stay shut down till I [g]o legit,” he wrote. “….If I go legit.”

Given all the obstacles posed by “going legit” (just ask the folks at the Greenpoint Food Market), we’re not holding our breath. Instead, we’re using it to curse the Department of Health.