Victoria Azarenka: The First 2010 U.S. Open Heat Collapse (Video)


It’s official: this is the hottest summer on record in New York City. Naturally, if you’re playing in the U.S. Open, and you get word that a heat wave is coming, this is not good news to you. The sun has now beat down upon one of its many U.S. Open victims to the point of submission.

John Koblin at the New York Observer reports that Victoria Azarenka has collapsed on the Grandstand court, which he notes is usually shaded but is now fully exposed to the sun. She was removed from it with a wheelchair, though was conscious when she left. She’s been eliminated from the tournament, but the tennis press feels no sympathy:

The woman’s no. 10 player was trailing 5-1 in the first set…The early consensus in the press room seems to be that this was likely related to her fitness, and not exclusively a reflection of the heat out there. It’s just over 90 degrees now, and it was hotter at times yesterday.

Here’s video of the collapse, complete with cruel Mario Bros. sound effects:

Looks like the sun isn’t the only thing burning people at the U.S. Open. Hey, they’re called sports for a reason, sissy. There’s no crying in baseball. And there’s no overheating in tennis. You’ll get that kind of whining smashed back in your face. Literally.