Yep, This Summer Was Hot Enough to Stash Frozen Water Bottles in Your Pants


How many days have we complained about the weather this summer? How many days have we come into work with sweat dripping down our face? Oh, lots. But it’s not all for nothing! According to the New York Times, “the summer of 2010 went down in the National Weather Service’s record books as the hottest ever in New York City.” Yay.

It was so hot, in fact, that a newsstand operator from the Bronx named Sal Medina conceived a personal cooling system: Tucking frozen, pint-sized bottles of Poland Spring into the (elastic?) waistband of his pants, with a fourth bottle in a plastic bag against the back of his neck.

The heat, he said, “affects your whole nervous system, makes you grouchy; it makes you so you can’t stand your customers.”

Water bottles in your pants, that’s ingenuity! Other folks just, like, went to the beach, or sat around in the air conditioning in their underwear watching reruns of House Hunters.

Congrats, we made it! And…it’s still hot.

[via New York Times]