Artichoke’s Artichoke Slice


Rarely have we seen a stranger pizza in our fair city than the artichoke slice at Artichoke Basille’s Pizza. Now that the hype has died down, you can snag one yourself without too much of a wait, but you’d better be hungry.

As so many have said, this namesake slice is slathered with, essentially, artichoke dip. The crust is substantial and bready; the topping glistens with oil. The creamy topping is a quarter-inch deep in places and punctuated by chunks of artichoke heart and tiny bits of spinach, seasoned generously with Parmesan. Though a slice costs a heart-stopping $4.50, one is definitely enough for a meal, a gutbomb of a thing longer than a forearm. The sight of it would probably make Marion Nestle faint.

Is it tasty? To a point. Some might find the crust too thick, the topping on the blander side of rich. But it’s an oddity to try at least once, before you go back for one of the pizzeria’s better pies, like the Sicilian.