Cheating Chilean Miner Stuck Between a Romantic Rock and a Hard Place


The fate of one trapped Chilean miner is suddenly a bit more uncertain than the rest — turns out that he has not one but TWO ladies waiting for him aboveground. His cheating ways saw the light of day when his wife and longtime mistress met at a candlelight vigil held for the men, whose rescue will take months.

The two women, apparently, spotted each other holding signs bearing Yonni Barrios’s name. Oops. His wife, Marta Salinas, is “horrified,” but told friends she will welcome him back anyway. “Barrios is my husband. He loves me, and I am his devoted wife,” she said.

His mistress, Susana Valenzuela, shares his wife’s sentiments. “We are in love. I’ll wait for him,” she said. “This woman has no legitimacy.” Spoken like a true mistress!

Meanwhile, the philandering miner, who once studied nursing, is providing medical care and vaccinations to the other trapped men. His affinity for TLC might be saving the men below, but it has him trapped big-time above. This could get interesting.

via the Post and the Sun