Happy 90210 Day! Daniel-san and Brenda Walsh to Do Play Reading


It’s as if the gods of the ’80s rummaged through our adolescent fantasies on this fine 90210 Day (09/02/10, get it?) to bring forth news of the ultimate “It” couple, together at last. Daniel-san and Brenda Walsh, er Ralph Macchio and Shannen Doherty, will be doing a one-time-only reading of Charles Messina’s comedy “A Room of My Own” at 45 Bleecker on September 20.

The two-act play, in which the playwright attempts to tell the story of growing up with his crazy Italian-American family in a tiny studio in Greenwich Village, also stars Mario Cantone and Valerie Smaldone, among others, and is being readied for Broadway and national productions.

You didn’t have to watch 90210 to know of Doherty’s notoriety as an on- and off-screen bitch. We urge her to rehash her angelic acting chops from her days in Little House on the Prairie because in “A Room of My Own,” she plays a nun!

But as you can see in this clip, Doherty is a real saint. Happy 90210 Day!