Smoking Baby Now Just Boring Old Do-Nothing Baby


We guess everyone has to grow up sometime. (Sadface.) Two-year-old Ardi Rizdal, or Aldi Suganda, depending on who you ask, had the shockingly awful — but somehow exceedingly debonair — habit of dragging on some 40 ciggies per day. But after the Indonesian child-man was forced into government-paid rehab in Jakarta, “The baby has quit smoking,” according to officials. Does this mean he’ll have to give up the awesome leather bomber jacket, too?

We hope not. He’s now on his way home, where doctors fear the temptation to smoke may prove to great to conquer. Nicorette? Babies can’t chew gum!

Anyway, good for his health, although now there’s another problem to tackle: The left wall of his heart is thickening, apparently, not from smoking but because of his brick-house physique. Isn’t that just the breaks? As soon as you kick one bad habit, they’re on you about the next!

We feel your pain, Ards/Alds. Remember the good old days, when smoking kept that metabolism as perky as a high school cheerleader?

[via CBS]