Update: Another Oil Rig Explodes in the Gulf


Not even kidding, though we wish we were. An offshore oil rig owned by Mariner Energy exploded this morning west of the site of the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion, about 80 miles south of Vermillion Bay along the central Louisiana coast. Update: CNN reports that according to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, there are reports of a “sheen” stretching just over a mile long, though the company said an initial flyover indicated “no hydrocarbon spill.”

One of the 13 crew members is reported injured, but there are no deaths, and the Coast Guard has says that the rig was not currently producing, which, we hope, is good news. Officials reportedly don’t know yet if there is any type of leak.

We’ll update as we hear more. And we expect all sorts of questions to start getting asked, now, starting with how could this happen, AGAIN?

[via New York Times, WAFB Channel 9]