Eddie Huang Trademarks the Chairman Bao Name


Back in May, Eddie Huang was none too pleased to learn that a new San Francisco food truck called the Chairman Bao had apparently appropriated the name of one of Huang’s signature creations at Baohaus. Huang told us that he was planning to travel to San Francisco to hold a smackdown with the truck, but now it seems he’s gotten a more legal form of revenge.

According to his Twitter feed (and subsequently verified by Eater), Huang has trademarked the Chairman Bao name. Or, in his words:

Huang, who graduated from law school, filed his trademark one day before Mobi Munch, the company that owns the Chairman Bao truck, filed its own application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He’s since taken to his blog to further share his feelings on the matter. Here’s a sample:

“I stole the internet to file this shit b. But look what happened? You got Diane J. Mason at Suite 208 and yall still late… U shouldn’t have stopped at Starbucks before work boo. Wash ur stankin ass, eat ur wheaties, and file the mark. That’s how Esquires do… LOL”

All of which is, really, just another, more formal way of rephrasing Huang’s initial response to the Chairman Bao truck: “Fuck yo couch.”