Jay-Z And Eminem Will Probably Be Bringing A Shit-Ton Of Famous People With Them To Yankee Stadium


Jay-Z and Eminem began their triumphant two-city, four-show run last night at Detroit’s Comerica Park, and if that show’s any indication, when they show up at Yankee Stadium September 13 and 14, they’ll be bringing along every famous rapper they (or you) can think of.

The night’s guest list: Young Jeezy, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, D-12, and Drake. (“Crowd just about vomited he just hit the stage!!!” sez Sway over at‘s live blog of the show, one of several.) No Rihanna, but the Detroit Free Press is making noise about a possible Lady Gaga sighting at tonight’s encore. Sounds like the raddest show in the history of anything, basically. (“Detroit is on fire!”)

Which leads, naturally, to speculation about who’ll show up at Yankee Stadium when it’s our turn. Eminem brought out most of last night’s special guests; Jay made do with Jeezy and the ubiquitous Memphis Bleek. If he handles most of the guests in New York City, that means who exactly? Kanye? Alicia Keys? Beyoncé? Nicki Minaj? Nas? Chris Martin? Mr. Hudson? Can you afford not to go to one of these shows? Can you, uh, afford to go to one of these shows?