Morning Links: Girl Puppy-Thrower Identified by Cops; Hurricane Earl Kinda Meh Now


• Police in Bugojno, Bosnia, say they have identified the red-hoodied girl puppy-thrower from the latest viral cruelty-to-animals video. [Telegraph]

• Hurricane Earl, now downgraded to a Category 2, will skirt New Jersey and Long Island, hitting eastern Long Island the hardest. The LIRR canceled almost all service to East End today. [WSJ, NYT]

• Miami International was closed for more than 7 hours this morning due to a 70-year-old scientist with a metal canister in his luggage that “greatly resembled a pipe bomb.” [CNN]

• Nerdy politicians are now “embarrassed” over never having done drugs. [NYP]

• Unemployment is up to 9.6 percent. [Politico]

• In college at Tulane, Andrew Breitbart developed a taste for “girly” drinks. [LAT]

• Village shopkeepers actually like NYU students! Other people think they walk too slow. [DNAInfo]

• A brawl stopped play at the U.S. Open match between Novak Djokovic and Philipp Petzschner last night. There was slapping involved. And lots of photo ops! [Daily Mail UK]

• Quick lesson: If your Dodge Charger is crushed but saves the life of a guy who tried to commit suicide and landed on it, don’t go complaining to the Post. Maria McCormack, the car’s owner, is getting some backlash by Thomas Magill’s friends. [Pat’s Papers]