Poll of New Yorkers to Charlie Rangel: Drop Dead, You Suck Like the Rest of Them


If a just-released poll is to be believed, New Yorkers have finally told 80 year-old congressman Charles Rangal — currently under heavy scrutiny and investigation for a series of ethics charges — to go away and not try to fight for his political career. These numbers are thick.

The New York Times just released data to be published in tomorrow’s paper that goes a little like this:

Rangel polled as unfavorable from 32% of Manhattanites asked their opinion of him.
Rangel polled as favorable to 18% of Manhattanites asked their opinion of him.

50% of Manhattan respondents and 41% of other respondents think there’s a “fair amount” of truth to Rangel’s charges.
23% and 17% of the same respective groups think there’s a “great deal” of truth to them. Only 10% and 13% think there’s “not very much” truth to Rangel’s charges.
And the worst of those numbers? Only 1% of Manhattanites polled think there’s “no truth at all” to the charges against Charlie Raneal (5% for all other respondents).

As for what Rangel should do?

Go Away Now: 24% of both Manhattanites and respondents from outside of Manhattan think he should give it up now.

Stick It Out, Then Throw In The Towel: 46% of Manhattanites and 42% of other respondents think he should just not run for re-election in November.

Stick It Out: Only 23% of Manhattanites and 18% of other respondents think Rangel should try to hold on.

The most entertaining statistic, of course: “Compared with other members of Congress, do you think Charles Rangel has higher ethical standards, lower ethical standards or about the same ethical standards?

New Yorkers are a cynical bunch, to the tune of 66%. Yeah:

66% of New Yorkers polled by the Times think that the rest of American politicians are as seemingly crooked as Charlie Rangel.

The rest of the poll is here in full.