Poll of New Yorkers to Charlie Rangel: Drop Dead, You Suck Like the Rest of Them


If a just-released poll is to be believed, New Yorkers have finally told 80 year-old congressman Charles Rangal — currently under heavy scrutiny and investigation for a series of ethics charges — to go away and not try to fight for his political career. These numbers are thick.

The New York Times just released data to be published in tomorrow’s paper that goes a little like this:

Rangel polled as unfavorable from 32% of Manhattanites asked their opinion of him.
Rangel polled as favorable to 18% of Manhattanites asked their opinion of him.

50% of Manhattan respondents and 41% of other respondents think there’s a “fair amount” of truth to Rangel’s charges.
23% and 17% of the same respective groups think there’s a “great deal” of truth to them. Only 10% and 13% think there’s “not very much” truth to Rangel’s charges.
And the worst of those numbers? Only 1% of Manhattanites polled think there’s “no truth at all” to the charges against Charlie Raneal (5% for all other respondents).

As for what Rangel should do?

Go Away Now: 24% of both Manhattanites and respondents from outside of Manhattan think he should give it up now.

Stick It Out, Then Throw In The Towel: 46% of Manhattanites and 42% of other respondents think he should just not run for re-election in November.

Stick It Out: Only 23% of Manhattanites and 18% of other respondents think Rangel should try to hold on.

The most entertaining statistic, of course: “Compared with other members of Congress, do you think Charles Rangel has higher ethical standards, lower ethical standards or about the same ethical standards?

New Yorkers are a cynical bunch, to the tune of 66%. Yeah:

66% of New Yorkers polled by the Times think that the rest of American politicians are as seemingly crooked as Charlie Rangel.

The rest of the poll is here in full.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on September 3, 2010

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