Schmuck Shoots Self in Stakeout with Chasidic Neighborhood “Cops”


So, if you don’t know, the “Shomrim” are an unarmed, but “licensed” Orthodox Jewish community patrol group who watches over their neighborhoods. They’re like the vigilante group of “Hebrew Hammers,” or Jewish Batmans, or something, but not nearly as cool. They’re also pretty hardcore, if last night’s shooting in Borough Park is any evidence.

So the Shomrim are out on patrol, and they get a tip on a guy who was supposedly foundling himself in front of kids in Borough Park around 7:30 p.m. last night. They go check it out, and confront the guy, who’s sitting in his car. And then this happens, as reported by the New York Times:

Four members of an Orthodox Jewish volunteer patrol in Brooklyn were shot Thursday night after they followed and confronted a man in a vehicle who had been acting suspiciously, the police and witnesses said.

They box the guy in, confront him, he gets out of the car, and a gun goes off. And all five of them get shot. Yeah, even the guy with the gun, as reported by the Daily News:

All the wounded men, including the gunman – who shot himself in the left forearm during the struggle – were transported to Lutheran Medical Center and expected to survive, authorities said.

Interesting that the guy managed to shoot himself, and all four members of the team that was trailing him. Lesson learned: the Chasid non-cops do not play around. At all. In any regard.