U.S. Open Brawl Reveals Certain Clues as to Humanity’s Decline


Happy Friday! Earlier today we mentioned the slap-happy fight at the U.S. Open that stopped the game between Novak Djokovic and Philipp Petzschner last night. It seems a fan was videotaping the special moment (naturally!), and it’s now on YouTube for all to enjoy, with fitting commentary from the peanut gallery.

Apparently the woman complained that the guy was using the F-bomb “too much,” and that got things started off on the wrong foot. But the fight really gets going when her presumed father tugs her away by the shirt and then proceeds to go batshit on the verbal offender, leading to a tussle down the stands at about 1:14. Worth watching, as it will remind you that your family’s not that bad, after all. Right?

Appropriately for these reality-TV insta-celebrity times of ours, it seems the game was stopped because everyone was far more interested in the brawl than in the tennis. Sigh.

Someday, we’re pretty sure anthropologists will look back and point to this moment as the time that it all, very clearly, went wrong.

(Djokovic beat Petzschner.)