Over the Hedge: Investment Banker Busted Farming the Green


Here’s a hilarious story coming the internet’s way from Zombie Forbes/Slant: an executive at a billion-dollar hedge fund was caught running an extensive marijuana farm out of her house. Her boyfriends insists the cops have it all wrong; they’re just farming goats, he claims. Clients of the Connecticut-based fund which employed the Mary-Louise Parker character, Tara Bryson, have included Veronica Hearst, Elizabeth Taylor and Kathy Ireland. Don’t even try to say they didn’t buy some bud.

We knew these bankers could be criminals, but this is excessive:

Bryson was arrested by the Connecticut State Police in Newtown on July 9th for three felonies: possession of marijuana, cultivation of marijuana, and conspiracy to cultivate marijuana. She plead not guilty, was released on $25,000 bail, and returned to work with investors at New Stream. Her boyfriend, Michael Hearl who lives with her, was arrested on seven felonies including, possession of a silencer for firearms and operating a drug factory.

The boyfriend told Forbes, “we didn’t have that many plants.” And the guns — “including two 9 mm pistols and a shotgun” — were legally registered! But then there’s the goats story — and it kind of checks out:

Last year Bryson registered the property with the Connecticut Farm Bureau as Butterfield Farms — named after the street she lives on. The site,, says Bryson and Hearl are striving to become a local supplier of goat product including cheese, milk and yogurt. Bryson received a $49,999 grant from the state to help get the farm going.

But speaking of Weeds, remember when Nancy Botwin starts a bakery as a cover business? And then a sandwich shop? And then a maternity store? Just saying.

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