BPA Research Still Inconclusive; Restaurants Faking Letter Grades


Following 10 years and millions of dollars of research, scientists still don’t know how safe the chemical bisphenol-A, or BPA, is. [NY Times]

A cab crashed into the Bean coffee shop in the East Village, hitting two bicyclists before smashing into a man inside, resulting in critical injuries. [NY Daily News]

Restaurants have been caught posting fake “A” Sanitary Inspection Grades, complete with the city seal and health department logo. [NY Daily News]

A new study reveals that 40 percent of the 637,000 children from kindergarten through the eighth grade were either obese or overweight in the 2008-2009 school year. [Food Consumer]

The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars is an unlikely champion of vegan food, as a vegan chef’s cupcakes have done quite well against conventional competitors. [NY Times]

A new documentary short called Lunch looks at the state of the National School Lunch Program, which still favors macaroni and cheese, pizza, and mashed potatoes. [Wall Street Journal]

Labor Day weekend didn’t just signify the end of the summer, but also the end of Restaurant Week, which was extended from mid-July. [Wall Street Journal]

Labor Day weekend may be over, but you can still head to Ditch Plains, Fishtail, or Ed’s Chowder House at the Empire Hotel for a great seafood meal. [NY Post]