FYI: The New York Post Knows Where All The Naked 22 Year-Old Boobie Action Happens


While the Daily News was busy impersonating the Post impersonating ov-age drinkers from like three months ago this weekend, the Post was busy doing journalism of the actually-servicey kind.

Stefanie [Sic] Cohen, show New York what New York’s got, pretty mama:

Post nightlife trend piece, go:

  • There’s the pool at the club at The Standard hotel.
  • It’s super-exclusive and filled with super-cool people and whatever whatever.
  • The New York Post got in because they have people on staff who can do that.
  • Suggestion that the place is or will be flanked by Eurotrash (or worse, Eurotrash Music) in two minutes.
  • Whatever, whatever.

Then, the good part. Here we go:

Not to mention the “ridiculously awesome element” of the pool, says a 22-year-old shop clerk who didn’t want to reveal her identity, in part because she likes to reveal her breasts on Saturday nights at Le Bain.

TITS: The New York Post knows where they are. Investigative journalism, indeed. Yes, folks, it is September, and Manhattan’s media is in full form yet again. I’m totally serious. It’s been a slow summer.