In the Annals of Shameless Press Invites: The Burger King Brunch Preview


It’s no longer a secret that food bloggers and writers are constantly courted by publicists to attend free dinners, or restaurant previews (code for free dinner), and sample any number of newly launched or relaunched menu items (more code). It’s something you might remember Our Man Sietsema speaking out against, and it should be noted that accepting such invites generally goes against the editorial policy of The Village Voice. And yet it’s sometimes fun to share them with the reading public, just to illuminate you as to what exactly we’re dealing with here. And so, without further ado, the email that dropped into our inbox last week …

Remember that news item about BK launching brunch? Well …

We’re hoping you might start your day off by joining the King for a breakfast-in-bed for an invite only media tasting of all the new menu products on Thursday, Sept 16. After all, there’s no better way to start your day… than breakfast in bed with royalty.

In Burger King’s most ambitious menu update ever, they are stepping up their game by overhauling the breakfast menu and adding a bunch of new, tasty items. This is also the first time that Seattle’s Best coffee products will be served at the chain. Some of the new breakfast menu items include a breakfast ciabatta sandwich, a few new and tasty breakfast/ pancake platters and mini blueberry biscuits to name a few.

Oh, and the King has also offered to chauffeur willing bloggers and journalists to the event in a private car, should getting oneself there be a problem. Now, the only question that remains is: Will that mimosa we’ve heard so much about be served? (In case it’s not clear, we won’t be attending.)