Morning Links: Obama Unveils Jobs Plan and Tax Breaks as Disapproval Rating Rises


Welcome back; we hope your long weekends were swell!

• President Obama has unveiled a $50 billion public-works plan to revive the economy, and is asking Congress to pass tax breaks that would let businesses write off 100 percent of their new capital investments through 2011. [WSJ, AP]

• A new ABC News/Washington Post poll says that 57 percent of Americans think Obama is doing a bad job on the economy, with disapproval for his job overall at 52 percent. Meanwhile, “likely voters favor a generic Republican candidate over a Democrat by 13 points.” [ABC]

• In a new CNN poll, 46 percent of Americans say Congressional Republicans would do a better job dealing with the economy 43 percent say that Democrats would. [CNN]

• Almost three-quarters of city voters favor shorter term limits for elected officials. [NYT]

• The NYPD is looking for a sniper who shot and killed Jorge Martinez, a bread deliveryman, from a rooftop on Friday night. [CBS]

• Major subway disruptions start today, especially in Queens. [ABC]

• Google’s new bouncing balls logo is in celebration of its birthday. [NPR]

• Mark David Chapman, killer of John Lennon, is up for parole — for the sixth time. [CNN]