New York City Bed Bug Registry Will Tell You If You Have Bedbugs, Apparently


Paranoid? Neurotic? Itchy and don’t know why? Oh, hello, Bed Bug Registry! The site, which is kind of like an insect-focused Yelp — brings together some 20,000 user-submitted bedbug reports from across the U.S. and Canada. It also now features city maps you can click through for a neighborhood view. All of those red dots are, yep, bedbugs…4,490 reports of bedbugs in NYC. Yay.

The site was created by Maciej Cegłowski “as a way of getting vengeance against bedbugs after a traumatic experience in a San Francisco hotel.” And, being user-driven, caveats apply: Just because someone submitted it doesn’t mean it’s true. And just because someone didn’t doesn’t mean it isn’t.

Still, we checked our address and there was no uncertain comfort in finding “no bedbugs reported.”

248 McKibben Street, in East Williamsburg, boasts 33 reports of bedbugs, making it the bed-buggiest site in New York City. Congrats.

As well as private residences, the site includes businesses and hotels, who don’t really appreciate the anonymous, unverified reports of bedbug sightings on their premises. Not that that will stop us from checking the list before we book.