The 9/11 iPhone App: Not Quite ‘DoodleJump’


Those of you with iPhones out there in the world have a universe of various games, utilities, and information at your fingertips with the single swipe of a finger, as there’s an iPhone app for everything. Even, apparently, to help us remember 9/11.

Yes, there’s now an iPhone app presented to us by the folks behind the National September 11th Memorial — yes, the same National September 11th Memorial that doesn’t even exist yet — has an iPhone app. Because if there’s one event this country can’t quite remember, it’s September 11.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to collect points for politicizing it, but you do get the following features:

  • 9/11 The Audio Walking Tour!: “A seven-stop walking tour of the area around the World Trade Center, accompanied by audio and photo narration. The events of the day and its aftermath are told by first responders, rescue workers, volunteers, and those who lived and worked in Lower Manhattan on 9/11.”
  • 9/11 The Augmented Reality Photo Tour!: “View images related to the events of 9/11 taken nearby wherever you are. Includes an Augmented Reality mode in which photos are overlaid on the camera view.”
  • 9/11 The Traumatic Interactive Timeline!:”An interactive timeline of the day’s events and aftermath. Includes links to witness photos taken during these time blocks.”
  • 9/11 The Offline Version for Cheap People!: “Because many visitors turn off data roaming while traveling abroad, the app also operates in an offline mode. In this mode, all tour content is still accessible. “Explore” mode content will still need an internet connection as it pulls in photos live from and is updated frequently. A map of several free WiFi hotspots near the tour route is included in the offline mode.”

You can have all of this, and more with your free iPhone 9/11 app!

While it doesn’t quite have the charm of, say, Fruit Ninja, it’s definitely an ice-breaker you can pull out at a bar full of friends to remember that one time thousands of Americans died, instilling fear in millions of other Americans to the point of yielding the Bill of Rights to be wiped by the asses of the executive branch for eight years! Which goes without mentioning that completely proportional response we enlisted afterwards that results in thousands more innocent deaths.

If there’s one thing you need in the palms of our hands right now, its this kind of information, right next to our up-to-the-minute airline fares (thanks Kayak!), our Star Wars Trench Runs (may the force be with you…r fingers), our own Village Voice Happy Hours App (as featured on TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Mashable, and The Week, with new bug fixes in version 2.32, so you can get your drink on and your groove on, all in your palm when its not in your pants), and many more.

Unfortunately, there’s one feature they have yet to get up and running, and it’s the one that assists tourists in sorting out the difference between “Ground Zero” and “Three Blocks from Ground Zero.” But surely that’ll come along, just like the Still Nonexistent 9/11 Memorial this thing was sprung from.