The Faces of All Tomorrow’s Parties New York 2010


This past weekend in Monticello, New York the third annual All Tomorrow’s Parties New York took place. Here are some snapshots of the people we met.

Damian Abraham a/k/a Pink Eyes from Toronto.
Possibly relevant detail: The Fucked Up frontman’s two favorite moments of this year’s ATP were “Hearing Bill Murray stories from Jim Jarmusch” and “Getting my photo taken with Ron Jeremy.”

Lord Sinclair (a/k/a Adrian McKinney) and Ruth Bartlett, London.
Possibly relevant detail: Lord Sinclair runs bingo and trivia at every ATP.

Maria and Zahra, Sweden and London, respectively.
Possibly relevant detail: They’re friends with Ariel Pink.

Becka Diamond and K.P. Lawless.
Semi-relevant detail: Later that night, Lawless did a mean Hole cover during karaoke.

Boris Sujdovic and Kat.
Possibly relevant detail: Boris plays bass for the Scientists, who performed their seminal Blood Red River in its entirety on Friday night during Don’t Look Back.

Andy from Cleveland.
Possibly relevant detail: First year at ATP, here on his honeymoon with his new wife, Natalie.

Hannibal Buress, New York.
Possibly relevant detail: This stand-up comic headlined Friday night’s comedy series curated by Les Savy Fav’s Syd Butler and then performed again on Sunday afternoon when GZA’s set got rescheduled. He too knows about Juggalos.


Alyssa Webb from Cleveland.
Possibly relevant detail: She left her car lights on last night in the parking lot.

Jenni and William Goodman from Brooklyn.
Possibly relevant detail: He’s an Associate Online Editor at Spin.

Robin True.
Possibly relevant detail: Her second year at All Tomorrow’s Parties New York, the former West Village resident has a house nearby Kutscher’s Country Club. She came with her kids last year, this year she came alone.

David Urfman, Brooklyn via Cincinnati.
Possibly relevant detail : Sonic Youth merch guy, this is his fourth ATP, but his first in the US. His favorite was Nightmare Before Christmas in 2006.

Grady Beasley, Jordan Schoberg, and Ramy Sadler, Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
Possibly relevant detail: The drive here took 24 hours.

Sandy Miranda
Actually relevant detail: She is the bassist for Fucked Up.