Thoughts on the American Idol Judges Shakeup


*Kara DioGuardi lacked the spark and unpredictability of Paula Abdul. You never felt she might nod off in the middle of the show — and that was a problem.

*Ellen DeGerenes seemed similarly awkward about doling out singing advice –plus she knew less than Kara, since her only musical credit is doing that happy dance.

*Randy Jackson is like the guy from Office Space who just won’t leave.

Two of these three esteemed judges are now gone, paving the way for a much needed overhaul as the ratings drop faster than most of the contestants’ pants would for a career break.

So who should replace them?

*Well, J.Lo hasn’t said anything controversial in 10 years. Why would she start now? Boring!

*But Steve Tyler has a heck of a mouth and he would surely be willing to use it. Give him the big bucks and bring on the lip!