Anderson’s Cooper’s Boyfriend Is Starting Bedlam


That’s the new bar “inspired by London’s infamous psychiatric hospital” which Eastern Bloc’s Benjamin Maisani (a/k/a Anderson’s man) and Pablo Raimondi are opening any moment now at 40 Avenue C.

I’m told that Bedlam’s decor is reminiscent of “the lat- 19th-century gentleman’s club/parlor: think Robert Louis Stevenson and Edith Wharton.

“The walls have been papered in Victorian-era novels and dictionaries and furnished with a collection of anatomical prints from the period, cases of oddities and curios, old leather-bound books, a glass case filled with birds and artifacts of natural history.

“Expect a menagerie of taxidermy (North American animals e.g., moose, bear, ram, stag) as well as various other objects of fascination.”

If anyone can supply me a punchline that includes a mental hospital, Anderson Cooper, and moose heads, I’ll be so grateful I’ll meet you by the cases of oddities and curios and toast you with stag juice.