Fire Island Season Expanding Thanks to Global Warming


Hedonistic weekends in the Fire Island Pines are going to extend all the way into October this year, and you can partly thank humankind’s relentless abuse of the environment, which has led to global warming that makes things fabulously tropical well into the fall!

But it’s mainly because Andrew Kirtzman and his partners — who own the Pavilion club, the Blue Whale restaurant, and all the other real estate in that strip — are promoting go-to weekends long after the traditional end of the season.

As Kirtzman told me, they’re planning a “Summer Is Forever weekend” (September 17-19) with lots of dancing and sweating;

An “Indulgence weekend” (September 24-26), with much gorging on food and drinks;

And to wind down from it all, a “Serenity weekend” (first weekend of October), with endless yoga and sunset watching.

Oh, goodie! I can bother the people I crash with for a whole extra month!

By the way, the above photo has cable goddess Robin Byrd and I putting on a brave face as the “Quinceanera girls” destroy the environment even more with their infernal cigarette smoking!

Photo: Rod Novoa